DJ Stutz & Little Hearts Academy USA
Parenting Coach, Author, Speaker, Podcast Host, Early Childhood Specialist  

DJ Stutz, an Early Childhood Specialist and devoted advocate for children's rights and education, brings over two decades of teaching experience, specializing in Special Education and Music. Her expertise extends beyond the classroom, with roles as a 911 dispatcher and a parenting facilitator for the Clark County Division of Family and Youth Services. A parent herself and actively engaged in PTA leadership, including the presidency of the Nevada State PTA, DJ is dedicated to enhancing parental involvement in education. Her advocacy includes organizing a Nevada commission to improve Latino fathers' participation in education. Recognized as "Citizen of The Month" in 2008, DJ has testified before commissions, collaborated with Senator Ted Kennedy, and led international support groups. Now, through workshops, classes, coaching sessions, and her podcast, "Imperfect Heroes – Insights Into Parenting," DJ empowers parents to navigate the joys and challenges, fostering independence, productivity, and happiness in their children.

Discover insights, guidance, and practical tips on the following diverse parenting topics through DJ's one-on-one coaching.

Effective Communication: 
➡Improving parent-child communication
➡Dealing with miscommunication and misunderstandings
➡Communication with your spouse and building a parenting team

Sibling Rivalry:
➡Managing conflicts between siblings
➡Promoting healthy sibling relationships
➡Introducing a baby to siblings
➡Making a strategic game plan

Parenting Styles:
➡Understanding different parenting styles
➡Identifying your own triggers and why they work for you
➡Finding a balance between being authoritative and nurturing

School-related Issues:
➡Preparing your child for school and being a part of the education team
➡Exploring homeschooling as an option
➡Supporting academic success and dealing with homework struggles

Behavior Management:
➡Addressing challenging behavior in children
➡Implementing positive discipline techniques
➡Setting and enforcing boundaries
➡Peeling back the reasons behind the behavior
➡Setting your children up to succeed

Routine and Structure:
➡Establishing effective daily routines
➡Balancing structure with flexibility
➡Understanding age-appropriate routines and managing multiple routines within the family

Emotional Regulation:
➡Teaching children to identify and name emotions
➡Helping children express and manage emotions
➡Teaching coping strategies for emotional challenges

Sleep Challenges:
➡Addressing sleep issues in children
➡Establishing healthy sleep habits
➡Acknowledging the importance of sleep for parents

Parental Self-Care:
➡Balancing parenting responsibilities with self-care
➡Avoiding burnout and stress management for parents

Coping with Special Needs:
➡Providing support for parents of children with special needs
➡Advocacy and accessing resources
➡Understanding Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) and 504 plans

Technology and Screen Time:
➡Setting limits on screen time
➡Providing appealing alternatives
➡Navigating technology use for different age groups

Building Resilience:
➡Fostering resilience in children
➡Helping parents navigate challenging situations

➡Preparing children to overcome challenging situations

Transitioning Life Stages:
➡Adjusting to major life changes (new siblings, relocation, etc.)
➡Navigating different developmental stages

Effective Co-Parenting:
➡Strategies for successful co-parenting within and outside of marriage
➡Resolving conflicts between co-parents 

➡Development and implementation of a parenting plan