Cicerone Society & Cicerone Masters

Course & 12 Week Group Parent Coaching

Course Summary

The Cicerone Masters is a self-paced, pre-recorded course offering parenting tips, strategies and an understanding of what to expect with your child's growth, development and education.

The Cicerone Society is comprised of 12 weeks of LIVE (webinar) group parent coaching. A Cicerone is defined as a mentor, tutor, or guide, which is exactly what we want to be to our children.

The price for The Cicerone Masters course is $47 & the price for the Cicerone Society Group Coaching Program is $300.
Enrolling in this BUNDLE for both will save you $40!

DJ Stutz Stutz

Parenting is always an adventure. From the perpetual challenge of cleaning rooms you just tidied, managing temper tantrums, navigating through sibling arguments, to the daily rush of getting out the door without the constant refrain of 'hurry, hurry, hurry!'—it's a journey filled with ups and downs. Yet, amidst the chaos, there are those precious moments when your child crawls onto your lap, snuggles in, and peacefully falls asleep. Or when they find something endlessly amusing, doing it over and over, giggling for minutes on end.

In this rollercoaster of parenthood, DJ Stutz is here for it all. Drawing from over 20 years of teaching experience, her role as an Early Childhood Specialist, and her passion for parenting education, DJ understands the complexities and joys that come with raising children. As a podcaster (Imperfect Heroes: Insights into Parenting) and parent coach, she lends her expertise to guide parents through the challenges, offering insights on instilling values, building relationships, and supporting children with knowledge, understanding, boundaries, opportunities, and loving kindness.

Join DJ on her journey every Tuesday during live events on Facebook and Instagram. Through workshops and challenges, she empowers parents to navigate the incredible adventure of parenting with confidence and grace. Whether it's finding solutions to common parenting dilemmas or cherishing those heartwarming moments, DJ Stutz is your go-to companion on this beautiful and chaotic ride called parenthood

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